EV Adoption

Toward Electrification

We are experts in EV incentives and rebates. 

The landscape of EV incentives and rebates is very confusing as there are thousands of federal, state and utility programs.

90% of people have stated the importance of easy to understand incentive information. That is our job.

EV Charging Stations

Working Toward Electrification

Our business model is this – we give you free EV charging stations and pay you money every month. Our stations display advertising so they turn your parking spaces into revenue streams.


Torq EVs pays for all costs and handles operations for installation. That includes everything from the permits to the chargers, to the installation and maintenance of the equipment. We pay for software that tracks electricity used to pay back the franchise owner (which we refer to as a site host).


Clients include QSRs, motel chains, automakers and transit authorities.