EV Charging Stations


Free EV Charging Stations

Torq EVs’ business model is to own, operate and maintain EV charging stations for site hosts.


We install EV charging stations at no cost to the site host, creating new revenue streams for your parking lot by monetizing your parking spaces.




Our charging stations are equipped with screen that show advertising and create a revenue stream for the site host on Day 1.


The EV charging stations are fully financed. Installation cost is on us. We pay for the cost of the stations with federal, state and utility incentives, LCFS credits and the revenue from the stations. After the cost of the stations have been recouped, we share the revenue with the site host.


Torq EVs’ EV charging solutions are customized and turn-key to meet the needs of the customer.


Contact us for more details at bill@torqevs.com.