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BMW i3 Overview

BMW i3 was one of the first mainstream electric vehicles to hit the market, way back in 2014. BMW has updated it a few times over the years, enhancing its range, performance and technology features. But the basic appeal of the 2021 i3 is still the same.

The BMW i3 is an easy-to-park EV with an upscale and surprisingly roomy interior. And an available range-extender model has a tiny gasoline-powered generator that allows you to carry on if you fully deplete the battery pack.

On the downside, most newer electric vehicles have eclipsed the i3. The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, for example, offer superior range, performance and utility. Other notable EVs include the Kia Niro and Mini Cooper SE electric as well as more premium models such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Volvo XC40 Recharge. We also expect this to be the last year for the i3 since BMW is readying its i4 and iX replacements. Still, the i3 could be worth considering for city commuting.

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