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Honda Clarity PHEV Overview

The Honda Clarity PHEV comes as either a plug-in hybrid or a fuel-cell variant that runs on hydrogen. The plug-in hybrid is the more practical version and has a 48-mile all-electric range before the gas engine kicks in.

It takes 2.5 hours to recharge with a 240-volt charger or 12 hours on 120 volts. The car works well in electric-only mode; in hybrid mode the engine makes a loud ruckus. The pushbutton gear selector takes getting used to.
While the Honda Clarity PHEV has a comfortable ride, its handling is rather clumsy. Though the cabin is roomy, the front seats are uncomfortable because of their short bottom cushion and lack of lower back support.
FCW and AEB are standard, but there is no true BSW system that covers both sides. Honda has dropped the full-electric version.
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