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Tesla Model X Plaid Overview

Tesla has applied a new change to its Tesla Model X model – specifically to the Plaid version, which now comes standard in the 6-seat configuration only.

Previously, both the Long Range and Plaid versions were available as standard in a 5-seat configuration. The 6-seat option (2+2+2) costs $6,500 and the 7-seat version (2+3+2) costs $3,500. That’s still the case in the Long Range version, but not anymore in the case of the Plaid version.

Although the Model X debuted over five years ago, it’s still essentially a unicorn in the market. Even if you take its showstopping falcon-wing rear doors out of the equation, no other SUV — electric or otherwise — can match the Model X’s acceleration. Throw in its impressive 360 miles of estimated driving range and you really do have a one-of-a-kind vehicle.

For 2021, Tesla has updated the interior of the Model X with a higher-definition 17-inch touchscreen, a new instrument panel, and a rather controversial steering wheel design that looks more like something from an airplane than a car. The automaker also changed the name of the Performance version to Plaid.

Direct competitors are few, with Tesla’s own Model S sedan the most similar in range and performance. If you don’t need the space the Model X offers, the smaller Tesla Model Y is also worth a look.

Audi’s e-tron SUV is another all-electric luxury SUV, while the Mercedes-Benz GLE offers superior interior materials and build quality, though it’s currently only available with a gasoline engine.

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